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Devara Release: Producers Making Costliest Mistake

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Devara release was announced for 5th April even before going to the sets. After going to the sets, the team announced the movie has a very big span and it needs two parts. The team also confirms that there is no change in Devara’s release date. The 5th of April was the biggest release date for any big film with continuous holidays for 2 weeks and a summer season. Fans and audiences felt it was great planning by the team

Devara Promotions

The team started the continuous promotion, releasing the lead actors’ first looks. The glimpse was released before Sankranti, and it was well-received. The makers screened the glimpse in all theaters on Sankranti, which received a thumping response. Everyone felt the movie was on track for the 5th April release.

Devara Release Postponement

After the glimpse, within a few days only, the team confirmed that the possibility of releasing on April 5 is no chance. There is much more shoot balance and delayed CG VFX work. Anirudh is also delaying the songs for the film. With all these, the news is out that Devara has no chance to come on 5th April in theaters. With this, the Family Star takes the date by getting the confirmation from the team.

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The film is produced by NTR’s production and Yuvasudha Arts. The makers are making the costliest mistake by not announcing the Devara release postponement officially. They are maintaining silence, which is making fans frustrated. The team has to make an official announcement on the release postponement. The team also should lock the release date, as the other films are already announcing the release dates on the best dates. If the team delays the release date, they lose the good release date. A film like Devara must announce the release date a few months before, as it is a pan-India release.

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