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Das Ka Dhamki movie review: Formulaic entertainer

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Movie: Das Ka Dhamki
Rating: 2.5/5
Cast: Vishwaksen, Nivetha Pethuraj, Rao Ramesh, Akshara Gowda
Director: Vishwak Sen
Produced By: Karate Raju, Vishwaksen
Release Date: 23rd March 2023

Vishwaksen’s second directorial film Das Ka Dhamki is the Ugadi release of the year and has been released amidst solid positive buzz and no competition. The film is expected to open well both domestically and overseas. The film features Vishwaksen in a dual role for the first time. Let’s find out if Vishwaksen has packed enough to keep the audience engaged throughout the runtime.

Story: Krishna Das (Vishwaksen) is a waiter in a restaurant who looks quite identical to Dr. Sanjay Rudra, CEO of a big pharma company and a maverick doctor. He is about to launch an anti-cancer drug and as fate would have it, Dr. Sanjay is killed in an accident and Krishna Das lands in his place. Das’ newfound money and fame help him in getting closer to Keerthi (Nivetha Pethuraj). How does the story progress? Was it really an accident that killed Dr. Sanjay? What’s does Das do next is what the story follows.

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Performances:  Vishwaksen has proven himself as a talented performer in his past films. Here, he has demonstrated his ability as a commercial hero and performs with ease in comic and emotional shades. Nivetha Pethuraj has not much to do apart from being a supporting character to Vishwaksen’s histrionics. She looks great on screen but performance-wise, has no scope. Rao Ramesh, Hyper Aadi, and others are fine and offer nothing new here.

Analysis: Das Ka Dhamki’s first half progresses without any major issues. The context is established fast and while the audience knows what to expect, the comedy and entertainment value holds the first half well. The love track has a sense of predictability about it and the rich girl poor guy track is extremely predictable. Despite this, the first half has enough punch to keep the audience hooked. In the second half, Vishwaksen, unfortunately, loses hold of the storyline and the weakness of the plot is exposed. The writing is sluggish and too many forced twists result in a loss of interest.

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Plus Points:

  • Vishwaksen’s performance
  • Songs
  • First half comedy

Minus Points:

  • Predictable writing
  • Second half screenplay
  • Forced twists
  • Lack of engaging moments


Das Ka Dhamki is an entertaining film but only in parts. The first half particularly manages to engage the interest which eventually fizzles out towards the end. A tighter screenplay in the second half with a fresh approach to the revenge point would have helped the film immensely.

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