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Chiranjeevi degrading himself by Continuously targeting Koratala Siva

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We know about the late controversy between Megastar Chiranjeevi and Director Koratala Siva. After Acharya Chiranjeevi took a dig at Koratala Siva in many instances. But he clarified in a recent interview that he did not target his comments against Koratala Siva, and they are general statements about the film industry.

However, the fans of other heroes and other neutral audience in social media strongly say that certainly Chiranjeevi’s remarks are very much targeted against Koratala.

According to them, Chiranjeevi was taken aback by the result of Acharya that he’s continuously targeting Koratala Siva. People opine that success and failures are common in the film industry and this level of targeting has never been witnessed in the industry.

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We don’t know the exact reason behind the Chiranjeevi’s comments against Koratala or the other directors of the industry. But if his words are indeed against Koratala, then he should think once about him because Koratala is not an ordinary director, and he has delivered 4 successful films and worked under 3 banners and no producer had said this kind of comments about him, nor they complained about Koratala Siva.

Also, the producers of those 4 films enjoyed with excellent profits. If Koratala Siva responds to these counters of Chiranjeevi with valid points, then there’s no doubt that it will be an insult to him.

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We hope that whatever is the issue between Megastar Chiranjeevi and Koratala Siva will be settled and next time the news regarding the controversy between these two wouldn’t arise again.

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