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Central Minister Anurag Thakur says strict action will be taken on bad and vulgar content in OTT

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Obscenity, filthy language will not be tolerated in the name of creativity by streaming platforms or OTT, pointed out Information Minister Anurag Thakur on Sunday, implying that the government will not hesitate from intervening if someone “crosses the limit”.

An over-the-top is a multimedia streaming service delivered directly to viewers via the Internet. OTT circumvents the cable, broadcasting and satellite platforms.

“Abusing in the name of creativity will not be tolerated. The government is serious about complaints of increasing abusive and obscene content on OTT platforms. If there is a need to make any changes in the rules regarding this, the ministry will consider in that direction as well,” Mr. Thakur told the press in Nagpur.

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“These platforms were given freedom for creativity, not obscenity or abusing. And when someone crosses a limit, then abusing rudeness in the name of creativity cannot be accepted at all. Whatever necessary action needs to be taken on this, the government will not back down from it,” he added.

The Minister’s remarks come days after the Delhi High Court’s scathing remarks against the web series “College Romance”. The court, in strong remarks, said that the sexually explicit language in the series could corrupt vulnerable minds because the content is vastly available.

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