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Catherine Tresa Introduced As ‘IRA’ From Bimbisara

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With every passing day, the hype and expectations of Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s Bimbisara is increasing tenfold. This is undoubtedly the most ambitious project in the actor’s career as well, made on a significant budget of 40 crores.

The announcement of Bimbisara created a lot of excitement among Nandamuri fans but it quickly died out due to the lack of any further updates. But for the last two months, the team has been actively dishing out content from the film, which has stirred up excitement once again.

The trailer of the film has done very well, amassing 21M+ views in just 3 weeks. This is the highest in Kalyan Ram’s career by a long margin. Even the songs from Bimbisara have created decent hype among film fans. With excitement at an all-time high, the team has released a snippet of Catherina Tresa from the film.

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Catherine will be portraying the role of ‘IRA’, the love interest of Bimbisara. From the first look of the character, she looks gorgeous in the frame as she is studded with jewelry from top to bottom. Her appearance also adds a very royal touch to the movie.

Bimbisara is also a very important film for Catherine as she has been struggling to score hits at the box office. Her last notable venture was Sarrainodu in 2016. She will be hoping that Bimbisara turns the tide in her favor.

Bimbisara is one of the most ambitious projects in Telugu cinema. It is reportedly being made into a three-part franchise, the biggest in the history of Indian cinema. Vashishta is the director of Bimbisara and NTR Arts has produced the film.

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