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Captaincy kills Amardeep’s Bigg Boss title winning chances

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Captaincy kills Amardeep’s Bigg Boss title-winning chances. It is widely known that Amardeep Chaudhary, the TV Serial actor, entered as one of the contestants in Bigg Boss Telugu 7. Though he successfully gets a good impression among the viewers from mid-season, Captaincy kills Amardeep’s Bigg Boss title-winning chances. 

In Bigg Boss Telugu 7, Amardeep tried hard from the beginning to become a captain. With his efforts, he made Shobha Shetty a captain. He got significantly closer to becoming captain many times, but at the last minute, he missed the chance, and even in the recent ticket to the finale task, he was a runner-up.

He cried a lot about not becoming a captain and became emotional, which created sympathy for him in public, and it worked big for him, and his graph increased suddenly. He became a strong contender for the Title winner. 

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However, in Bigg Boss Telugu 7, Nagarjuna gave the captaincy to Amardeep last weekend, and it seems like the captaincy is killing his title-winning chances.

In recent Bigg Boss Telugu 7 episodes, Amardeep is behaving aggressively with Prince Yawar and Pallavi Prashant by repeatedly saying he is the captain. The viewers dislike his sudden and unwanted aggressive behavior, affecting his winning chances. Currently, Pallavi Prashanth is in the top race to win the Bigg Boss Telugu 7 title.

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