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Boyapati’s producer facing losses second time in a row

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Boyapati Srinu is one of the directors who understand the commercial aspects of films very well. His taking, screenplay and subject treatment revolves around the commercial viability of the film. This is the reason many stars and producers show eagerness to work with him.

However, in the case of Miriyala Ravinder Reddy, this has turned to be the opposite case. The producer earlier worked with Boyapati on Jaya Janaki Nayaka where the latter outstretched the budget beyond Rs 40 + crores. The movie didn’t run as per expectations and left losses to the producer.

To compensate for this Boyapati teamed up with Miriyala Ravindra Reddy for Akhanda. Now, in case of Akhanda, something similar is happening. The movie shoot faced constant delays due to Covid and the release date had to be pushed time and again. Now due to business revisions and overshooting of the budget, producers’ concerns are rising day by day.

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