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Bigg Boss Telugu vote results for this week

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Bigg Boss Telugu vote results for this week have been leaked. Pallavi Prashanth is said to be the number one in the unofficial voting this week, followed by Shivaji, Gautam Krishna, Arjun Ambati and Priyanka Jain in next places. Prince Yawar and Shobha Shetty are in the last two places of Bigg Boss Telugu polls.

The inside reports strongly suggest that Shobha Shetty has been eliminated this week. Now it will be interesting to see whether Pallavi Prashanth uses the Power Astra to save Shobha Shetty or he will keep it for others.

With the result of Bigg Boss’ ‘Finale Astra’, the face of the game has changed. Amardeep Chaudhary was beaten by Arjun Ambati in the ‘Finale Astra’. According to the usual rules, if a contestant wins the ticket to finale, he will be the first finalist. But the twist in this season is despite Arjun winning the finale, he is not confirmed to be a finalist.

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Because Arjun is in the nominations this week and the ‘Finale Astra’ immunity will be available only if he gets saved from elimination. So, in. case, if he gets eliminated, the Finale Astra is futile. In the weekend episode, it will be revealed whether he is safe or not. As per Bigg Boss Telugu vote results, Arjun is in fourth place.

As said above, Pallavi Prashanth is in the first place of Bigg Boss Telugu voting. The seventh season of Bigg Boss in Telugu has been hugely successful with interesting concepts in the tasks.

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