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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 – Day 43: Nayani Pavani gets eliminated while Anil Ravipudi and Sree Leela entertain as the chief guests

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In Bigg Boss Telugu 7th season, Nayani Pavani was the new housemate to be eliminated from the house. The elimination was very shocking to everyone as she came in this week itself as a wild card entry. Meanwhile, Director Anil Ravipudi and Sree Leela came as chief guests and promoted Bhagavanth Kesari.

Before that, the episode started with Nagarjuna dancing to the song of his old movie, Super. Thereafter, he appeared before the housemates’ TV and made them remember that yesterday the three old contestants had requested to vote for the re-entry. Nag told the housemates that he will call one housemate at a time into the store room and they should individually vote in a secret ballot.

Then he told the nominated housemates to stand up, and Tasty Teja was the first one to be saved. Prince Yawar was also saved from the nominations after that. Then Nagarjuna said that he will ask a question about one housemate and the others should answer it. The housemate who gets the majority of answers will be said to be given a punishment. Ashwini, Bhole, took the Bitter Guard shots as they got the majority of answers against them.

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Thereafter, Amardeep, Shobha were saved from the nominations. Director Anil Ravipudi, Actress Sree Leela came to the Bigg Boss House and had a good entertaining moment with the housemates. Then Nagarjuna confirmed Pooja Murthy as safe.

Then Nagarjuna gave the housemates a funny task of filling the blanks with Film names by dividing them into team A and team B. At last, Ashwini and Nayani Pavani were left in the nominations and finally Nayani Pavani got eliminated. 

Visibly, Nayani Pavani was sad and cried a lot and the entire bigg boss house came to console her and said there might be a secret room task or something else. After getting on to the stage, she shared her moments and opinions with housemates with Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna said that it is great that Nayani Pavani developed a great bond with all the housemates in just 6 days. 

At the end of the episode, Nagarjuna said that the name of the old contestant who will be giving the re-entry into the house will be revealed on Monday. Then the Bigg Boss gave a twist that the contestant who gets the fewest votes will be sent into two the house.

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