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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 – Day 39: Arjun beats Yawar in the strongest task

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The episode started with the housemates discussing the task of who is genius. Amardeep felt so bad for losing and got emotional. Yawar, Priyanka, and Sandeep consoled him and told him to fight back. Meanwhile, Yawar and Nayani had some fun time with Shivaji and Prashanth.

Then Bigg Boss gave a special Power to Gautam that he can decide the things and work in the Kitchen and instructed him to make sure that the luxury budget items do not go to waste. Shobha was upset that Gautam did not select her deputy. Teja and Shobha had a few arguments.

After that, Bigg Boss asked the housemates to rate the performance of Prashanth as a captain. Bigg Boss said that Prashanth failed as a captain as he did not take any action when the housemates were breaking the rules and the ration was almost finished. He instructed Prashanth to value the captain’s position. Bigg Boss then cancelled the captaincy and removed his badge.

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But the Bigg Boss said that Prashanth’s immunity is still with him, though he lost his captaincy. Prashanth got very emotional and cried when he lost his captaincy.

Then Bigg Boss gave the housemates a new task named” Who is the fastest “where they were told to ask the bigg boss his favorite color and should bring any of the item from the house and the fastest housemate will be declared as the winner in. different rounds.

Bigg Boss cancelled one of the third round where Amardeep got very aggressive and tried to block Ashwini. Finally, Aatagallu team won the task. Then another task named” Who is the strongest” was given to the housemates where they were asked to hold two rockets for a longtime. This task was won by the Potugallu team.

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