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Bigg Boss Telugu 7 – Day 29 : The funny episode ends with a shocking elimination of Rathika

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This Sunday’s Episode started with Nagarjuna entering the bigg boss house with dancing to the song of Kamal Haasan’s Vikram. Nagarjuna at first asked a few questions to the crowd and asked who was their favorite contestant. Then he moved on to chat with the contestants, where Shivaji asked him why he was not eligible to be a housemate.

Nagarjuna said that the majority of the contestants voted against him and whether the contestants were right or wrong it will be decided by the audiences. He also asked Shobha why did she vote against Shivaji, she said he was partial in deciding the nominations. Nagarjuna said Shobha’s reasons were not solid, and she was also a bit partial with the other contestants. He also stated that Shivaji was not partial and all the decisions of the jury were taken with team work only.

Sandeep, Gautam, and Priyanka also told their reasons, but Nagarjuna was not satisfied, and he asked the contestants to take decisions with thinking carefully. After that, Nagarjuna made the contestants play a funny games like guessing the movie name and comparing the behavior of them to an animal along with the saving of the nominated contestants.

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Rathika and Teja were the last two contestants in the nominated contestants. Finally, Rathika was eliminated, and she became the fourth female contestant to be eliminated from the house. Visibly, she was very upset with getting eliminated so early.

Like in every elimination episode, her journey video was played, and she was asked to tell the negative quality of 6 contestants. Rathika said that Prince Yawar should control his anger, while she said Shivaji should mingle with every contestant. For Sandeep she said that he should take good decisions as a Sanchaalak from now, and for Shobha she said to be more active in the works of the house.

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Rathika told Teja to be more active in the tasks while she Subbu should not blindly follow the words of the other contestants. At the end, Nagarjuna told the contestants that there will be many unexpected things happening in the house as this is the ulta pulta season.

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