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Bigg Boss 7 Telugu winner Pallavi Prashant arrested

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Bigg Boss Telugu season 7 winner Pallavi Prashanth has been arrested. Pallavi Prashanth was taken into custody by police at his residence in Kollur village near Gajvel. No one expected the winner of a popular reality game show to end up in a police station.

After the Bigg Boss Grand Finale, he was charged with nine cases for the disturbance and destruction of vehicles at Annapurna Studios. The brother of Pallavi Prashanth, Mahaveer, has already been taken into custody and taken to Jubilee Hills Police Station. Bigg Boss Telugu season 7 winner Pallavi Prashanth has been arrested.

Pallavi Prashanth caught by the Police

Pallavi Prashanth was reported to be absconding due to the controversy that followed his victory and his fans’ actions in attacking the cars of celebrities and ex-contestants at Annapurna Studios.

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There are numerous videos on the internet showing his alleged fans causing damage to vehicles and even attempting to attack Amardeep, the season’s runner-up. Pallavi Prashanth’s fans damaged the cars of Amardeep, Geethu Royal, and Ashwini Sri, as well as throwing stones at RTC buses and private vehicles.

Pallavi Prashanth’s Bigg Boss journey ends in a tragedy

Maybe this is the first time that a winner got arrested. Pallavi Prashant’s mistake was to go against law and order to showcase his popularity, which caused much damage to public property. He could have listened to the police, but he tried to gain fame and ended up on the wrong side.

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