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Big Stars expected to Line Up for Prashanth Varma’s Cinematic Universe

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Big Stars are expected to Line Up for Prashanth Varma’s Cinematic Universe. It is widely known that the latest Indian Superhero film,  HanuMan, has become a massive blockbuster at the box office, and the film will have a sequel as well. There will be more films from the director as a part of the Universe. Big Stars are expected to Line Up for Prashanth Varma’s Cinematic Universe.

As said above, Hanuman was the first film of PVCU. Prashanth Varma has officially announced 12 films in the universe with 12 superheroes. The second film’s shoot has already been completed, and the film’s title is Adhira.

Kalyan Dasari, Son of DVV Danayya, plays the lead role, and multiple films are expected to line after this as a part of the universe. Prashanth Varma has already promised he would introduce new directors for other films. 

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After Adhira, Prashanth Varma is likely to Move to Jai Hanuman, and under his supervision, other directors are likely to start new parts of PVCU. As of now, the PVCU brand is huge, and renowned stars are expected to line up in the universe. Reportedly, every superhero will have a reference to a God character like Hanuman. There is a high chance that the stars will play the roles of God in the following films.

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