Be careful with your words, Naresh cautions Srikanth

Actor Naresh, whose recent statements on Sai Dharam Tej’s accident faced criticism has now hit back at those who called him out. Post Sai Dharam Tej’s accident, Naresh had given a byte to a news channel and said that he had cautioned the young actor to ride carefully. In the byte, he also mentioned ‘Bike racing’ and even referred to accidents killing people. He was referring to Kota Srinivasa Rao’s son and Babu Mohan’s son’s accident.

This reference to bike racing and deaths didn’t go down well with many film industry people. and Naresh faced massive backlash. Actor Srikanth called out Naresh for his insensitive remarks. He said Naresh should have been more careful with the choice of his words especially when it was established that the accident happened due to sand on the road.

Naresh responded to this strongly and defended himself. “I wonder why he made those remarks. I am sure that Sai Dharam Tej was not in the wrong. He was not a reckless driver when he met with the accident,” said Naresh referring to Srikanth’s statement.

The senior actor also accused Srikanth of harbouring ill feelings of his defeat few years back in MAA elections.

“You got defeated by my panel. Your bytes are leading to bites from the public. I have been in the film industry for decades. I have always stayed away from controversies. The next time you give a byte, be careful and please consult elders beforehand,” cautioned Naresh