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Bandla Ganesh personally targets Trivikram again

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Producer Bandla Ganesh and his awkward and unfriendly relations with directors such as Trivikram and Harish Shankar are known to everyone in the industry and the public as well. If we go into the past, before the pre-release event of Bheemla Nayak, a voice call from Bandla scolding Trivikram, saying that the latter would not let him attend the event had gone viral on social media. However, Bandla later apologized for the same.

Now once again, Bandla personally targets Trivikram again as he has indirectly trolled Trivikram with his latest tweets. When a Netizen wrote“ Bandla Anna Naku producer avalani vundhi”, Bandla Ganesh had a very interesting response to the same. “Meet Guruji & give costly gift, it will happen ”. Bandla Ganesh said in his reply to the tweet. And everyone who follows the Telugu Film Industry closely knows that Trivikram is fondly called as Guruji.

While it is unclear that what exactly happened between Bandla Ganesh and Trivikram who never really worked together, for some reason, Bandla continues to distress Trivikram through indirect comments on social media. Bandla Ganesh did not stop with one tweet, he indirectly said that Trivikram will separate a husband and wife or even a father and son, teacher and disciples If he’d like to, it’s his specialty.

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