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Balakrishna’s Unstoppable 2 season focuses only on agenda-based politics

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Balakrishna’s Unstoppable season 1 had received massive applause for its content, and it helped Balakrishna make a new image for him. Also, the first season mainly focused on providing entertainment brought with the funny interaction of Balayya with guests and questions about movie industry related things.

However, the same cannot be said for Unstoppable Season 2 from the opening episode itself, the season had been about agenda-based politics only. The main agenda is to give counters on the opposition party and elevate their own party, which has not gone well with the viewers.

They started unstoppable second season with Chandra Babu Naidu & Lokesh, it went on covering the fun side of CBN along with controversial political questions. Many felt that the show is being used for political purposes, which brought a negative image on it. The third episode had Kiran Kumar Reddy, ex CM of United Andhrapradesh. This episode also received a very dull response.

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Even in the latest episode of Pawan Kalyan, Balakrishna tried to push the political angle by asking Pawan that why he had not joined Telugu Desam Party. The fans of Pawan Kalyan and netizens were very excited when they got to know that Pawan Kalyan will be the guest for unstoppable show.

But to everyone’s dismay, both the episodes of Pawan Kalyan were boring without the expected entertainment. Pawan seemed uncomfortable with talking and Balakrishna talked more, which in turn raised the political flavor.

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