Tough Task ahead for Tollywood biggies

Vakeel Saab released today world over amidst great fanfare and celebrations. Pawan Kalyan is returning to screens after a gap of three years and fans’ excitement knows no bounds. However, amidst all the celebrations, the government of AP delivered another setback for the Vakeel Saab team. This new move from the government is not just going to impact Vakeel Saab but also many upcoming Tollywood biggies.

As per a new GO issued on 8th April, theatres across Andhra Pradesh have been given directives regarding the prices of the tickets. As per the directives, theatres situated in Municipal Corporation, Municipality, Nagar Panchayat, and Gram Panchayat each have been given a slab for ticket prices as per the theatre class.

This year, Tollywood is going to witness a number of big-ticket films, and producers and distributors are really counting on them to pull them out of the lean patch brought in by lockdown last year. However, If this situation continues to prevail, a number of Tollywood biggies will have to struggle really hard to recover their investment with the government-established ticket prices.