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Animal OTT: A Major Disappointment for Fans and Audiences

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Animal OTT is a major disappointment for fans and audiences. In the recent times, the discussion and hype around the film, Animal’s OTT release was huge. The fans who have immensely liked the film were eagerly waiting to see the extended version upon its digital debut, as the makers constantly kept hyping the film having an extended runtime on OTT.

However, the makers did not keep up their promise. Animal has started streaming on Netflix in 5 languages from midnight. As said above, everyone expected the Animal OTT version to have the extended runtime. Animal OTT is a major disappointment for fans and audiences.

At first, everyone expected the OTT version of the film will have an uncut runtime of 3 hours 45 minutes and later the buzz came that only Rashmika’s Scenes of around 8 minutes had been added.

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So the audiences wanted to see the extended version of Animal on OTT, as it has a cult fan base in one section of people. They eagerly waited to see uncut scenes. But the OTT version has same duration like the Theatrical version which is 3 hour 21 minutes which has come as a major disappointment for fans and audiences.

Recently, all makers are doing the same with the OTT versions. They unnecessarily create hype by saying there will be extended version in the OTT version but when the films are finally coming on OTT, they are having the same scenes. Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan was also publicized to have an extended runtime upon its OTT debut, but it had just a few normal and unimportant scenes which were removed from the theatrical version. 

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