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Anil Ravipudi’s Formula works again commercially

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Anil Ravipudi’s formula for making films is very simple. entertain the audience and make money for the buyers. He knows his strengths and weaknesses, and the audience’s taste. He is very clear in what he is targeting with the film and audience expectations from the combination.

Anil understands the market dynamics of his every film and he plans the budget under that. He shows the lead hero in the best possible way. In a career spanning seven movies as a director, has an excellent success rate with 6 of these films becoming very big hits. All his films have succeeded in entertaining the audience.

Some people troll him or call his films cringe or some other things. But the reality is that for films to succeed, they mainly need two things. One is business and the second is collections. Anil Ravipudi’s formula in making the films has been extremely successful in both aspects. With his every film, he has delivered the career’s biggest hit for all his heroes.

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Yes, F3 is commercially not a blockbuster but the numbers are very good. The theatrical rights were sold at massive prices due to the blockbuster success of F2. Despite that, F3 posted excellent numbers and collected close to 60Cr share worldwide which is a big deal. Apart from this, all his films like Pataas, Supreme, Raja The Great, F2, and Sarileru Neekevvaru have been huge hits and blockbusters.

And now, Balakrishna’s Bhagavath Kesari is also running with very strong numbers. The film is expected to have a good run and will end up a clean hit. The evening and night shows are working big as the families have connected well to the movie.

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Anil Ravipudi’s formula again proves correct as his hold over family audiences along with his great understanding of mass pulse have indeed made him one of the most bankable commercial directors in Tollywood.

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