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Andhra Exhibitors are Closing the Theatres Temporarily

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Theatres in both Andhra and Telangana are going through a rough patch. There were some huge releases since last December and theaters did pretty well because of all of that. But now that all the big hero movies are already released, there is no revenue to the theatres.

Earlier, despite whosoever is the hero in the film, there used to be good openings. At least one of the four shows would have decent number of audience. But now the things have changed. With hiked prices, below par movies, audiences are not interested in going to a theater and watching the movie.

They would rather wait for a couple of weeks and watch the movie in theater. There were so many small movies that has hit theatres recently and none of them performed well. This has put theater owners in a huge rut. A theatre owner has to spend 5000/- for one show in an AC theatre and 2500/- for one show in non-AC theatre. This has become a huge investment.

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Despite moving doing well or not, theater owners are forced to take up the expenses that incur. So, in order to avoid all of these, the exhibitors are planning to shut down the theatre temporarily for some days. Either way, a big hero movie will hit theaters during Dasara and Sankranti season, so theaters in Andhra planned to hold down the fort for some days,

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