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Akshay Kumar’s recent blockbuster Sooryavanshi available in Telugu on OTT

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Since the pandemic, there were no considerably good movies in Bollywood. In these tough situations, Akshay Kumar made a comeback with his banger- Sooryavanshi. The movie is directed by Rohit Shetty and we all know how action sequences in the movie will be.

The movie has its fair share of cars blowing up, ramming into each other and turning turtles, etc. Apart from this the core concept of movie was good. Akshay Kumar’s mission is to prevent the repetition of 1993 bomb blasts and how he get succeeded in the mission will be the movie.

Cop action dramas aren’t new for either Akshay or Rohit. This movie is quite different from Rohit’s earlier Singham or Simba. Sooryanvanshi in this movie is fighting off terrorist’s sleeper cells. The movie has its high and low moments but it is the one that finally dragged bolly audience to theaters.

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Another asset for this movie was Tip Tip Barsa Pani song. Katrina shook her leg for this song and it was spectacular to say the least. Ranveen Singh as Simba and Ajay Devgan as Singham made a cameo in this movie and the trio fighting off bad guys is a feast for eyes.

Now the Telugu version of this movie is in Netflix.

Spend your weekend with Sooryavanshi.

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