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Agent Producer – Distributor’s issue takes a new turn

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It is very well known to everyone that Akhil Akkineni’s Agent has been a major disappointment at the box office, and the consequences of its result still being felt by those involved, mainly the Producer and Distributor. The film, Agent’s theatrical rights in AP and Telangana were acquired by Satish of Gayatri Films for Rs 30 crores. This was before Covid season.

Gayatri Satish filed a petition on producer Anil Sunkara. He approached the court seeking the compensation of 28 Crores. However, the Agent Producer and Distributor’s issue takes a new turn now as the element of forgery has come out.

The controversy between AK Entertainments and Vizag Gayathri Satish, which has been the talk of the town in Tollywood for the past two days, has now taken a new turn. Gayatri Satish’s case turned into a forgery case.

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It is learned that AK Entertainments has found that the documents submitted by Gayatri Satish to the court were forged documents. They had found out that they were forged documents and had also applied to the Truth Lab (Fact-Finding) Department for the report.

Also, a few inside reports suggest that Satish and Anil Sunkara had signed an unrecoverable advance payment agreement. So the distributor has no legal right to seek compensation. Even if the producer considers compensating out of good will, he cannot compensate Rs 28 crores as quoted by the distributor.

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