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After opposing Chandrababu’s arrest, Super Star Rajinikanth to meet him

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Superstar Rajinikanth’s affinity towards Chandrababu Naidu is a known fact and the star actor has expressed the same in many places. Recently, he attended Sr NTR’s centenary celebrations in Vijayawada and praised CBN which attracted some political controversy and lashing out from YCP leaders. Rajinikanth during the event stated that Naidu had spoken about the Information Technology (IT) industry boom in the late 1990s when no one had even thought about it.

Despite all the negativity, Rajinikanth did not comment anything on who spoke against. him. After Chandrababu’s arrest though he called up Lokesh and spoke to him. As per reports from the political circles, Rajinikanth will be meeting Chandrababu Naidu tomorrow and may even address the press.

Calling the Telugu Desam party (TDP) president a great friend and fighter, Rajinikanth had earlier enquired about his well-being. The superstar advised Lokesh to be brave. According to TDP sources, the actor said that his friend would never do anything wrong.

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