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Adipurush becomes the biggest budget film in Indian cinema

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Prabhas’ Adipurush created great buzz and interest in the trade circles as well as among film lovers right from the day of its announcement. Everyone was eager to catch what Om Raut has in store and how he would present Ramayana with heavy VFX.

The teaser release though turned out to be a disappointing fare and Om Raut and team received negative reviews from almost all sections. This led the team to return to the drawing board and re-do the visual effects.

Adipurush movie demands huge VFX work and the makers have already spent a significant amount on this but shockingly the teaser VFX received a unanimously negative response from the audience. With no other choice, the makers have started re-working the VFX and because of this, the budget has increased by 25% – 30%.

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By the time the movie releases the budget will be easily over 550Cr and we have to see how producers recover this budget. The main challenge in front of Adipurush makers is to come up with quality VFX to satisfy the audience.

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