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Actress Samantha agrees to do multiple lip lock and intimate scenes

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Samantha Ruth Prabhu and Varun Dhawan come together in the Citadel, the Global Spy Series. Directed by Raj & DK, the show will run parallel to the American series ‘Citadel’, starring Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden. Varun and Samantha also visited London for their first premier of the show in the United Kingdom.

Now it has been reported that the series will have dazzling chemistry between the lead pair, who will also shoot for an intimate love-making scenes for an episode just like Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Richard Madden’s bedroom scene in the English Chapter. Though there is no official confirmation on this news, it is being reported that Samantha has agreed to do multiple lip lock and intimate scenes as the script demands them.

Samantha in an earlier social media session clarified that the Indian chapter of Citadel is not a rehash of Priyanka’s International version. They are two different universes that might bump into each other at the end, according to the reports.

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A fan questioned Samantha, “Are the stories of your Citadel and Priyanka’s Citadel the same? Why do I want to know if Priyanka is dubbed in every Indian tongue? Therefore, many people would have already seen it if you were to adopt the same tale for Indian viewers. I’m a little perplexed. Can you explain if it is the same or different?”

Samantha clarified to her fan’s question by saying Citadel India is an original and not a remake. Now we will have to wait until the premier of the Indian version of Citadel to know whether Varun Dhawan and Samantha Ruth Prabhu will have intimate scenes and multiple lip lock scenes in this action-packed web series.

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