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Actress Pragati slams Sakshi channel for false second marriage rumors

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Actress Pragati slams Sakshi channel for false second marriage rumors. Everyone knows how active Actress Pragati is on the internet. She constantly counters all the rumors and trolls on her. She lashed out at the latest rumors about herself and the media houses that have written them and denied the rumors about her second marriage. She said they were baseless. “Write down if there is evidence. If there is such a thing, I’ll tell you first, won’t I?” Actress Pragati said while she slammed Sakshi TV channel for false second marriage rumors.

Here’s what she shared in the video… “I feel sad that such rumors are coming from a leading media house. This would be irresponsible. There are a lot of educated people out there. Because I am an actress, it’s wrong to think you can write anything. What right do you have? What right do you have to come into someone’s personal life and register as you like? How do you write without any basis? Has anyone written something about you that you didn’t dream of?.. I condemn this.

I condemn such a thing coming from a leading media house. Please check a little before writing. Find out the truth. Know how much you can write about someone before you write about it. If there is evidence, write it down. If there’s such a thing, I’ll do it myself, won’t I? Don’t cheat the company. It was very cheap. I feel sad that my self-respect has been degraded like this. I condemn this… I’d like you to be responsible from now on. There are professional ethics and journalistic ethics?.. Without evidence. Only write by checking the background. It’s unprofessional, unethical, it’s irresponsible. Don’t do this anymore,” Pragati said in a sweet warning.

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It is known that some media houses (Sakshi Channel) have written rumors that Pragati is getting married to a star producer. In this order, Pragati has denied the rumors. Media houses that have written false news about her have been exposed.

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