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Actress Dimple Hayathi completely in depression and receiving warning calls continuously

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It is very well known to everyone that actress Dimple Hayathi and her boyfriend, Victor David, were in the headlines because of a police case. According to the police the actress attempted to damage the officer’s official car by parking her car in front of his, thus preventing the officer’s ability to do his work. She and her boyfriend allegedly behaved badly when Constable Chetan Kumar challenged their actions. A case had been registered against her and notices issued under the CRPC 41(a) provision. Because of this case, it is said Dimple Hayathi is now completely in depression as she is receiving warning calls continuously.

However, the lawyer of Dimple Hayathi clarified that it was a false case was filed against the actress. Now the lawyer, Paul Satyanarayana said they have received a copy of the FIR lodged against her. He asked that the FIR states that the cover of the car was removed and if there is any evidence of the same, they should be shown to them. Will the original government vehicles be covered?

Also, only the DCP has spoken in the case so far. But Dimple’s lawyer asked why the person who gave the complaint has not been speaking. The lawyer also informed that some unidentified persons were roaming at her house. She has also been getting continuous warning calls from unknown people. Dimple’s lawyer has made sensational comments that there is a threat to her life.

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Dimple’s lawyer alleged that he was acting at will by obstructing the law. The DCP, who is supposed to work in accordance with the law, is doing illegal things. Dimple was called to the police station and made to sit for hours, that too being a celebrity. The lawyer alleged that the DCP is doing such things to degrade her status. Because of going through such a bad experience in a few days of time, Dimple Hayathi now went into deep depression.

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