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Aadikeshava locks in a surprising runtime — Plot summary details revealed

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Aadikeshava locks in a surprising runtime, and the film’s plot summary details have been revealed. It is widely known that Panja Vaisshnav Tej’s upcoming film, Aadikeshava, has experienced only postponements till now, but it is finally getting released on November 24th.

The surprising thing is that Aadikeshava locks in a surprising runtime, and the plot summary details of the film have been revealed. The film’s runtime is 129.21 minutes and was censored with a U/A certificate. The runtime of Aadikeshava is surprising as it is just 2 hours and 9 minutes, which is different from the usual length for commercial entertainers. 

Aadikeshava Plot summary:

Mahakaleshwar Reddy is an influential MLA who always wants good things to happen to the people of Kalyanadurgam. Due to his father’s reprimand, he joins a cosmetic company, Chitra (the heroine), and works as a sales lead. After some incidents, Balu and Chitra become very close.

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This evening at Daspalla, Hyderabad, on November 22, 2023, the film’s pre-release event will likely take place.

Joju George, Aparna Das, Sada, Suman, Nellore Sudhakar, and other actors are among the stellar cast in the movie. Sitaara Entertainment and Fortune Four Cinemas collaborated to produce the movie. GV Prakash Kumar is the film’s musical director.

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