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A clear overview of Khansaar tribes’ family tree and core plot details

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A clear overview of the Khansaar tribes’ family tree and core plot details are out. It is widely known that the Pan-Indian film Salaar was released on December 22nd and is currently enthralling the fans of Rebel Star Prabhas in theaters. A clear overview of the Khansaar tribes’ family tree and core plot details are out.

On the one hand, Salaar collected a significant number, 377 Crores Gross worldwide, but there needs to be more clarity regarding the film’s characters and backdrop. Significantly, the Khansaar world and its tribes were not mentioned or explained in the movie, according to a section of the audience.

The makers of Salaar have shared a video in which a netizen explained the history of Khansaar out of his sheer interest in and love of the film. A clear overview of the Khansaar tribes’ family tree and core plot details are out. 

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The History of Khansaar Kingdom in Salaar

The video explains the history of Khansaar City/Region, which has three tribes: Mannar Tribe, Ghaniyar Tribe, and Shouryanga Tribe. They became a Kingdom and selected Shiva Raja Mannar as their King. They also have rules and regulations in a holy book called Nibandhana. After Shiva Raja Mannar, the throne went to his son, Raja Mannar, who ruthlessly killed the entire Shouryanga Tribe.

The film Salaar has just shown half of the story, as there is a second part to it where the descendant of Dhara, the leader of the Shouryanga Tribe, Devaratha, is still alive. People from his group are waiting to seek their revenge under the leadership of Bhaarava, who belongs to a Shouryanga Tribe but is disguised as a Mannarsi and got married to Radha Rama, the daughter of Raja Mannar.

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