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Twitter – The new War Zone?

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There is no doubt in saying that Twitter is the most popular social media platforms when it comes to promoting films. Fans of all popular stars are present in strong numbers on this platform.

Twitter has turned into a battleground for fan wars. Right from the followers count, no. Of retweets and likes, trend counts etc. fans engage actively in these fights. Trolling other hero fans is also part of these wars. Recent incident of Heroine Meera Chopra and Jr. NTR fans is a classic example of that.

During a twitter chat, one of ntr fans asked Meera to say a word about ntr, to which Meera responded that she doesn’t know NTR which triggered ntr fans and an ocean of abuses were hurled against Meera. Other hero fans started their support to Meera and trolled ntr fans, thus beginning an unending troll war. From a neutral perspective, Meera Chopra is also to be blamed as she liked some tweets generalizing all the fans of NTR as abusive. And NTR fans should also take these type of trivial issues lightly. They need to remember that they do represent their idol in one way or the other.

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Hope, common sense prevails and all fans stay away from abusing family members or actors for having an opinion different from theirs.

Checkout the Tweets posted by the actress.

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